run angel keeps runners safe

run angel wearableGadgetyNews had a chat with the good folks over at run angel following the release of the safety wearable device aimed at the growing female running market.

Even though run angel is aimed at female runners, and with the full knowledge that today is International Women’s day, this is not exclusively for women.

Everyone out running/walking alone are potentially at risk. The sad fact is that women are more at risk. That’s the statistical fact.

This device is refreshing as it is not trying to be a fitness tracker, alarm, step counter and so on. It has been designed and built for a single, specific purpose. Safety.

This could obviously be handy for those in to extreme sports such as climbing, mountain biking, etc just in case of injury and the like.

run angel

run angel has been developed by a team of runners who believe that when it comes to running, safety is of paramount importance over anything else.

With an already overcrowded market of fitness trackers and mobile apps, run angel is the first lifestyle wearable that targets the actual personal safety of the wearer.

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The wrist wearable packs a potent 120dB, high- pitch alarm when activated.

The run angel pairs with your smartphone over Bluetooth and, in the event of an emergency, will send out notification texts to selected contacts.

run angel guardians

Thanks to the companion iOS and Android app, the wearer is able to set up a guardian network. These guardians be notified in an emergency by SMS and email showing the date, time and whereabouts of the wearer.

wearing run angelThe run angel device can also be triggered remotely from the app. Additionally, silent alerts can be sent without the alarm sounding on the device. A great idea should the wearer be in a situation where alerting someone of an alarm might not be the best option.

run angel alarm

the centre of run angel is its unique acoustic sound chamber design. This design has been engineered by acoustic and sound level industry experts.

Run AngelPicture: Miki BarlokDavid Caren, Co-Founder of run angel explains why the alarm was so integral to the design:

From inception, our primary focus was on the alarm capability. We were determined to be as loud as we could be, after all, the greater the sound, the greater the attention one could attract in an emergency situation. This proved very challenging as we needed to produce a wearable device that could also be worn on the wrist and was easily accessible in an emergency, but we achieved it”.

Final word from run angel

Ellen Caren, Co-Founder of run angel states:

In recent years, we had noticed an increase in the volume of runners, in training and at races – particularly women, and often wondered whether they considered their personal safety when out alone, or was there a loved one sitting at home nervously waiting for them to return. We created run angel to answer the need for runners seeking peace of mind”

run angel price and availability

The safety wearable is available now direct from their website for €99.00.

In that comes a number of activation tokens. Naturally, the hope is that you never have to use one, let alone them all. However, more can be purchased.

Key features
  • 120dB loud audible alarm
  • High-pitch frequency to attract greater attention in an emergency
  • One-touch activation
  • Pairs with smartphone devices over Bluetooth Low Energy
  • SMS and email alerts detailing time, date and map link
  • 12 free activation tokens (up to 36 SMS alerts across 3 guardians)
  • Rechargeable battery (USB lead supplied)
  • LED and sound status warnings including SOS light beacon
  • Remote activation of device from mobile application
  • Silent alert option
  • Sweat resistant
  • Patent pending acoustic chamber design
  • Manufactured in the UK and Ireland