run angel: Colour me safe

Run Angel Ltd. has announced a range of Limited Edition Summer colours for their run angel personal safety wearable.

We met the innovative Irish company behind the smallest, loudest personal safety wrist wearable, last year.

They have just been in touch to let us know that their run angel is now available in a range of Limited Edition Summer Colours.

run angel

run angel blackHusband and wife founders, David and Ellen Caren, spotted a gap in the market for a small and compact wearable device which would attract attention in an emergency. This certainly resonated with a lot of solo runners who feared events such as a personal attack or injury.

run angel emits a loud 120dB, high-pitch alarm when activated. Additionally, it pairs with smartphones over Bluetooth to send out emergency alerts by SMS and email to a guardian network of family and friends. This also displays the wearer’s location.

Furthermore, the companion app can be customised to remote trigger the wearable itself or send silent alerts to the users’ guardians.

run angel limited coloursNow, Run Angel has increased the wearable’s colour pallet by adding limited edition pink, yellow and grey run angels.


David commented:

Making something so small sound so loud was no easy feat. Our focus needed to be on the audible capability of our wearable, after all, the greater the sound, the greater the level of attention one can attract in an emergency situation.”


Knowing that run angel has directly benefited our wearers in the last year has been hugely rewarding. When we set out to create the product, this was our ultimate goal.”

Price and availability

run angel is available in black and limited edition pink, yellow and grey from priced at €90. It comes bundled with hard shell travel case (incl. Free Shipping).

Key features

• 120dB loud alarm
• High-pitch tuned frequency to attract greater attention in an emergency
• One-touch activation
• Pairs with smartphones over Bluetooth Low Energy
• SMS and email alerts detailing time, date and map link
• Rechargeable battery
• LED and sound status warnings including SOS light beacon
• Remote activation from mobile application
• Silent trigger of emergency alerts from wearable
• Patent pending
• Manufactured in Ireland