Rumours – Steve Jobs & MacWorld

Macworld08Not long now; well, 8 hours.

But still, what kinda bombshell is Mr Jobs gonna drop?  Apparently last year it was a phone or summink…….can’t quite remember – must’ve been just a flash in the pan – heh :0P

Something in the Air – Something in my Eye 

There have been plenty many rumours about a super slim, lightweight notebook, with a flash-based memory (for speed) and no internal optical drive (for size and weight) – like a MacEeePC. 

The odd banners already bearing it’s dirty, flirty hints that “there’s something in the air”.  So, could this thing be the MacBook Air?  Further more, could it have the iPhone/iPod’s touch screen gadgetry?

Our Destiny Calling

There might be an iPhone 2.0 with 3G; but people feel that this is less likely than the above.  However, the current model’s firmware update 1.1.3 could steal some headlines.

It’s expected that the inclusion of Google’s ‘My Location feature’ which would allow you to pinpoint the location of the kebab-shop that you absent mindedly left your girlfriend in so you can go back and fetch her (after finishing your food – natch).

A customisable desktop and the ability to bookmark web pages are also strong favourites to surface during the Expo.

Filmstar, Giving it Class, Living it Fast Tonight

With movie studios acknowledging the power of iTunes, more may follow 20th Century Fox’s lead in signing on-demand rent and buy deals with Apple.

So a new version of iTunes with an interface for flicks would make sense now wouldn’t it?

Don’t Touch Me There

A touch screen tablet-style Mac ( ala ModBook) has a hungry mob awaiting it’s arrival – unfortunatley it’s all gone quiet over there!!

I Just Don’t Understand

Kudos points if you can put the titles into their songs and name the artists – just for fun :0)