RuckJack – The Festival Goers Pac-a-Mac

ruckAh, RuckJack you clever yet confusing garment.

But, saying that, I can almost imagine festival goers sporting these come the ‘summer’.

Essentially this is a rucksack that can change into a jacket……….or is it the other way around?

Think: pac-a-mac where the pac is useful.

Although it can’t actually perform as both at the same time.  So you will have to plan whether you’re going to be carrying stuff or staying dry.

The Jack part is waterproof, windproof and breathable with a hood and pockets; and then when zipped up, turned upside down and arms strapped down you have Ruck.

Ruck is a 30 litre backpack.


The RuckJack will be available to buy from 16 March online and from Millets in a variety of colours.

Whilst you’re there – if you’re planning to go to Glasto, et al: BUY SOME WELLIES!!

If you don’t you just offer the best form of entertainment to the likes of me who takes wellies, para boots AND a pair of Cons – I ended up hiring my para boots out to a friend the last time I was at Glastonbury…….

He did offer booze in exchange so what could I do? 🙂