Rubber band Macro Lens for Every Smartphone – Macro Cell Lens Band

You folks will know by now that I am a fan of the simple idea made genius! Well, here’s another – a macro lens for every cameraphone out there.

The brains behind this excellent idea obviously wanted a way to add different lenses to a smartphone and, as smartphone cameras don’t have lens mounts, the only alternative would be get one of those cases with the relevant mount or try the magnetic approach.

This takes it back to the basics – what will slip over any size of phone? Hmmm… something elasticated perhaps?

Yup – the light bulb moment brought about an elastic band with a lens mounted in it – that simple. Welcome the Macro Cell Lens Band.

It slips over quickly and is ready to use in an instant. Granted, as the band wraps all the way around it does cover the flash on some (iPhone for one) phones. But this is still a stroke of genius!

The Macro Cell Lens band only costs $15 and I am hoping that they have other lens bands in the pipeline. Who knows – perhaps a band with a few moulded in?

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