Roxio Game Capture – Record and Share Your Gaming Bests

Feel that your latest in-game conquest needs to be shared with the people of the interwebs?

A bargain solution to capturing your latest Call of Duty killing streak so that it can be replayed by admiring gamers on the likes of YouTube comes in the form of Roxio’s new Game Capture device.

“While some gamers are already creating and posting game play videos, we believe there are many more waiting on the sidelines for solutions that deliver the right mix of ease-of-use and features at a good price point,” Corey Ferengul, EVP Products at Rovi Corporation. “Roxio Game Capture products are these solutions, making it easy for everyone to capture, edit, post, and boast about their latest gaming accomplishments. After all, setting a track record in GT5 or wreaking havoc in Call of Duty is pretty satisfying in itself, but it is far more fun to discover how your game play stacks up against the best of the Internet.”

The Game Capture grabs video at 480p and comes with a bunch of editing tools allowing you to weave transitions, commentary, background music, etc into your battle against zombies.

Apparently you can play your captures back at up to 1080p on your TV.

Roxio Game Capture is a hardware and software combination for recording and sharing console game play and is priced at $99.99.

Roxio PC Game Capture is a complete software solution for quickly recording and posting PC game play and is priced at $49.99.

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