Rollei ePano Selfie remote-controlled smartphone panorama head review

rollei epano and remoteAt the end of September I wrote about a new gadget from Rollei which makes capturing a smooth 360-degree panorama shot simplicity itself – the ePano Selfie. I have spent a week with this little device so let’s see what I think about it.

Rollei claims that recording a memorable event can now be taken to the next level thanks to this 360-degree rotating selfie panorama head – but is it any good and, more importantly, should you get one?

Rollie ePano Selfie design

The ePano Selfie is a compact little thing measuring only 5.8cm wide and 6.5cm tall. When it’s packed up or being attached to a Selfie Stick it is a neat ball with a clamp attachment to take a mobile phone on top.

This natty device is also equipped with three fold-out feet so that it can convert into a mini tripod.

The body of the ePano Selfie is made from rubberised plastic and the metallic parts are finished in a nice burnt orange colour.

rollei epano compactOn the ePano Selfie is a small infra-red eye so that it can be controlled by the bundled remote control and an orange on/off button. There is also a microUSB port to recharge the unit and this thing is also packing Bluetooth!

Below where the removable phone clamp fits is a cuff marked out in seconds.

rollei epano fitting and remoteOn the underside of the ePano Selfie is a standard threaded fitting so that it can be attached to a tripod or selfie stick

The ePano Selfie only weighs 100g but can support up to 500g.

Rollie ePano performance

You were probably scratching your head as to why the ePano Selfie is loaded with Bluetooth – so was I, if I am being honest.

But, applying a little logic as Rollei has obviously done, it makes perfect sense.

When you pair the ePano Selfie with your phone you are then able to use the remote control to trigger your mobile’s camera shutter. This means that you can also appear in the panoramic shot or simply not have to risk nudging the camera when you take your snaps.

rollei epano and htc one m9The remote control also can be used to set the ePano Selfie rotating left or right as well as putting it in to oscillation mode where it will sweep left and right continuously.

The clamp worked well and my HTC One M9 was securely attached. I tried shaking the thing around to see if I could dislodge my mobile but it sat stubbornly in place.

The rotation of the ePano Selfie is nice and smooth and the adjustable timer works well.

ePano selfie and Canon 1200D DSLRRemoving the phone clamp reveals a standard threaded camera bolt so, just for fun really, I was able to attach my Canon DSLR. Remarkably the tripod seemed steady and I was still able to control the rotation easily – just a shame I haven’t got a remote shutter for my 1200D. It does, however, come in handy for panning the DSLR whilst shooting video though.

Rollie ePano Selfie review conclusion

This lightweight and robust selfie panorama head does exactly what it promises.

It holds your camera or phone firmly in place when recording and you are able to control everything remotely thanks to the included remote control.

rollei epano and remoteIf you are looking for a tripod or selfie stick head that will make taking panoramic shots a cinch then I have no hesitations in recommending the Rollei ePano Selfie.

Rollie ePano Selfie availability and price

You can get the ePano Selfie right now directly from the Rollei site for €54,99.