Roland GO:MIXER Pro pocket-sized audio / video mixer

gomixer proRoland has announced the GO:MIXER PRO smartphone audio mixer and Virtual Stage Camera app. This pair of powerful new tools makes it easier for musicians make better videos to share on their socials.

The GO:MIXER PRO and Virtual Stage Camera offers a convenient and integrated solution that makes it easy for you to create engaging, high-quality video content. All you have to add is a smartphone and a smattering of talent.


roland gomixer pro angleIt’s true, your phone will probably be pretty good at capturing video; most are. But the built-in microphone isn’t going to cut it if you’re intending on uploading some polished content that stands out from the crowd.

However, Roland’s GO:MIXER PRO combines multi-channel mixing, sound monitoring, and more in one affordable, palm-sized device.

roland gomixer pro portsThe compact device enables you to connect and mix up to nine audio sources at once. This means it will handle pro-quality powered microphones, guitar/bass, and line-level gear like keyboards and drum machines. Furthermore, the unit’s dedicated controls provide easy volume adjustment.

roland gomixer pro side portsThe resulting stereo digital audio output is then sent to your smartphone for capturing in a video or audio app.

Additionally, you can power the mixer by the smartphone connection or via four AAA-size batteries. A great option to save you from a dead phone

Monitoring and more

Also, there is a headphones output. This has its own level control so that you can monitor the mix as well as hear backing audio. You can even route the backing audio to the capture app along with the live audio inputs via a dedicated Loop Back panel switch.

The Center Cancel function enables you to create karaoke-style tracks on the fly too.

Finally, when it’s not being used to capture content on a mobile device, GO:MIXER PRO doubles as a standalone battery powered mixer for practice and on-the-go performing.

Virtual Stage Camera

virtual stage cameraThe new Virtual Stage Camera App helps you to quickly create fun and attractive videos. The free app removes the background from a performance video in real time and replaces it with movie footage or stills stored on the smartphone.

This can put you in any location – want to play in the mountains, on Sunset Strip, in outer space? Well, this app can put you there.

Additionally, the app can also instantly produce a blue/green screen background in a video for later manipulation in a video editing app.

virtual stage cameraAlternatively, you could also just live stream your video.

More video options

4xcameraGO:MIXER PRO also works seamlessly with Roland’s 4XCAMERA. This other free video app makes it easy to create split-screen music performance videos. Projects can be shared online among 4XCAMERA users, enabling collaborations with other musicians in any location.

Virtual Stage Camera and 4XCAMERA are compatible with iOS mobile devices from Apple, and are available as free downloads from the App Store.

Price and availability

The GO:MIXER PRO is available now for £150.

For further information about the device, Virtual Stage Camera, and 4XCAMERA, visit the GO:MIXER PRO website.