Roddler – The Hot Rod Pram That Makes You Wanna Make a Baby

Yet another one of my friends is about to become a dad.

Now, I’d like to think that if I became a parent I’d be more about what’s best for the kid rather than getting a trendy pushchair, or all-terrain buggy…….

But then I saw this on Kid Kustom USA’s site – it almost made me want to procreate!

Meet the Roddler.

Designed with obvious hot rod-styling cues with “high-end materials” this is a must have for any new father surely?

It has chrome wheels, fin-shaped fenders and white wall tyres, colour-coded brakes, and chrome grips for pity’s sake!

There’s also an ultrasuede seat insert for comfort and carbon vinyl leatherette for the seat and top for added durability. See – it is practical 😉

It costs $2000 but for an extra $500 you can get a model that transforms into a trike when your child is old enough to propel themselves 🙂

So – it will just carry on being useful.