ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse – Pimped Peripheral for Under £40 [video]

roccat savu mouseWe all now that gamers love their kit to be slightly OTT. Lights on their extended keyboard, lights on their multi-buttoned mouse, lit-up laptops, funky motion controllers, neon headphones, etc. Looking for all the show for under £50? ROCCAT’s Savu is the pimped mouse for you!

The R.A.D-equipped peripheral, that’s ROCCAT Achievements Display, houses a peripheral-first: an achievements application that rewards players for “a wide range of gaming feats.

You score points for mouse movement, button clicks, scroll steps, etc.

The Savu also hands you an adjustable 4000 DPI optical sensor and Easy-Shift+ tech which lets gamers program up to two dedicated functions per button.

The cherry on top must be the customisable rear light bar that can be preset to one of 16.8 million colours.It’s important to get that right shade of moodiness after all.

You can grab the ROCCAT Savu right now for £38.

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