ROCCAT Renga Boost studio grade gaming headphones

ROCCAT Renga Boost headset boasts “studio grade” audio for gamers.

Following the success of the original Renga released in 2016, ROCCAT has refreshed the stereo headset and brought it back as the ROCCAT Renga Boost. Offering studio grade high-quality sound, the Renga Boost sports a stealthy all-black look. The company tells us that the headphones possess amazing acoustic performance and its superior lightweight comfort.

ROCCAT Renga Boost headphones

Designed for gamers in search of a premium audio experience, the Renga Boost packs 50mm neodymium drivers. The drivers provide crisp trebles and deep, powerful bass. The optimal alignment of the drivers ensures an immersive and dynamic experience as well as a perfect fit to the ears.

ROCCAT Renga Boost gaming headphones

Additionally, for gaming marathons, the Renga Boost offers superior comfort. Thanks to ventilated earcups, an ergonomic headband and plush ear cushions you get a remarkable level of comfort. At only 210g it is 30% lighter than competing headsets. Furthermore, thanks to the use of robust structural housing, the headphones can take hardcore gaming use.

Finally, the in-line remote allows for rapid on-the-fly volume control as well as being able to mute and unmute the microphone. Its rotating mic completes the headset by providing crystal clear, sharp voice transmission.

Price and availability

The Renga Boost is now available on the ROCCAT Store and in all other relevant stores for £49.99.