Roccat Khan AIMO headset

ROCCAT Khan AimoRoccat has just announced its latest addition to the AIMO illumination series, the Khan AIMO headset.

As the name suggests, the Khan AIMO builds upon the strengths of the critically acclaimed Khan Pro.

How critically acclaimed? Well, we were really impressed by its comfort and outstanding audio prowess. Do you need any more than that?

Roccat Khan AIMO headset

ROCCAT Khan AimoThe Khan AIMO boasts high quality 50mm drivers capable of delivering Hi-Res audio. Additionally, the microphone covers the full vocal spectrum and the whole package will have a supremely comfortable fit.

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ROCCAT Khan AimoThe Khan AIMO features an integrated sound card. This enables the headset to produce crystal clear sound up to 24-bit at 96KHz, according to the press release. This means that it should easily outperform onboard audio solutions provided on most gaming motherboards.

[amazon_link asins=’B078RM7GHM’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’gadgnews-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=”]Furthermore, this means that you won’t have to worry about having a headset that needs a specific sound card or extra amp controller, for that matter.
That dedicated sound card is mated to high-end driver units. These together offer amazing virtual 7.1 surround sound. As well as audio clarity, the surround sound will place you in the middle of the action. Moreover, you’ll be able to place enemy footsteps, giving you a sneaky advantage.
The virtual surround sound can also be disabled, should you wish. This also means that the Khan AIMO will work perfectly as an excellent stereo headset too.
It certainly looks like this is the total premium package right out of the box.

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ROCCAT Khan AimoThe Khan AIMO is built tough. High quality materials, such as the stainless-steel sliders, ensure durability.

Tough doesn’t have to mean heavy though. Just like the Khan Pro, the AIMO version is also exceptionally light at only 275 grams.

Add to the mix, memory foam earcups and headband padding you get a comfortable headset perfect for marathon gaming sessions.


Roccat Khan AIMOThe Khan AIMO is also fully Swarm compatible. The well-known Roccat driver system allows you to set up AIMO RGB lighting effects. These can complement your gameplay, or you can choose from the different equaliser modes.

Swarm also offers myriad options to customise and optimise the sound experience to personal preferences.

Khan AIMO has it all, great comfort for extended gaming sessions and rich audio quality with virtual surround. The smart AIMO lighting rounds out the premium Khan AIMO package.

Price and availability

The headset will soon be available at around £109.99 inc VAT from retailers including