Roccat flashes Skeltr mobile second screen keyboard and Nyth modular mouse

Roccat Skeltr gaming keybaordRoccat has announced its Nyth modular gaming mouse and Skeltr keyboard/smartphone combo. Both are supposed to the be the first of their kind, the question is what makes them fit for such a bold claim?

Roccat this week unveiled a new gaming keyboard called the Roccat Skeltr. Not much news there. Companies regularly release new gaming keyboards. The difference with the Skeltr is that it enables you to integrate your smartphone with it add extra functionality through a companion app.

The Roccat Skeltr gaming keyboard and app combine to allow you to connect both your smartphone and keyboard together using Bluetooth so that your mobile becomes a second screen.

The sliding rail and rotating holster fit every size smart device, according to Roccat. René Korte, CEO and founder of Roccat explains:

being able to use your keyboard to communicate on your smartphone is a no-brainer feature Roccat fans will deeply appreciate

Roccat Skeltr rearRoccat has also shown off its new Nyth gaming mouse which will be debuted along with the new gaming keyboard during Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany next week.

We’ve wanted to develop our own MMO mouse for a long time, but like always, we end up seeing a bigger picture once we begin brainstorming. MMO mice have these massive button grids that are locked in. You can change the button functionality, but what if you don’t like the layout?

ROC NythRoccat hasn’t said anything about the innards of the Nyth (isn’t that near Swansea?), so if you want to know about DPI or IPS or whatever, you’re going to have to wait for its full and proper debut at Gamescom.

Saying that though, the modular button design is undeniably interesting. Not only does it allow users to cook up whatever kind of button layout works for them, it also lets owners of 3D printers create their own, or to select and print designs from Roccat’s online library.

With a replaceable side-part, coupled with our button modularity, the Nyth can absolutely transition into a perfectly fine-tuned MOBA mouse, and yes, even an FPS mouse. The Nyth adapts, evolves, and keeps on giving far into the future. It’s a remarkable peripheral conceptualized and created by our amazing design team.

More details, specifications and prices for both the new gaming keyboard and mouse will be made available by Roccat next week. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.