Robot Leopard Chair by OKI Now Available in Japan

oki_okamura_robot_-chairWe all spend a lot of time at our computers – nuff said.

How many of us have a decent chair – one that doesn’t cripple your ass after 6 hours of Left 4 Dead?

This is a chair I want!!

The Oki Leopard Robot chair – how cool is that name?

The chair is now available in Japan and was developed by office equipment maker Oki and furniture company Okamura.

The cleverness behind the Leopard is to apply basic principles of human anatomy and musculature to its design (Oki’s own leg-shaped robot “Robot Leg” from 2005 was the original inspiration).

When you go to park your posterior the chair will sink 25° and feel as if you’re being comfortably cuddled from behind.

Shuffle forwards to get up ad the chair will raise the seat, enabling the person to stand up quicker and easier.

If you’re in Japan you get the choice of a leather version ($2,500) or a cloth-covered Leopard ($2,100).

The chair frame comes in black or white but there’s no spotted option!


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