Robot Learns How to Hold Bow and Arrow and Then is Deadly Accurate Scarily Quickly!

Right – we are officially doomed!

A bit alarmist you might think but just add the pieces together.

Robots: they’re now very mobile, have joined the armed forces, will decide if you’ve had enough to drink, and will fire various weapons at toys.

Now – some mad person has trained one how to aim and fire a bow and arrow!

After being instructed how to hold the bow and release the arrow, this iCub robot goes on to teach itself how to aim and shoot arrows at a target.

The scariest bit is that it only takes 8 goes before it hits the bullseye!

It does all this with a face of an innocent child – I would actually have felt easier if it look like the Terminator or summink!

Watch the vid and then head for the hills!

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