Robot Graph – Where to go When Robots Attack

We all love our tech.

It’s even better when it will do the jobs we hate – robots are great!

They’ll even be fighting our wars soon.

But, what happens when the bot armies rebel?

Best bet – hot foot it to Africa!!

The chart shows robot density which could be handy when the robots attack, which is, let’s face it, inevitable.

Japan is pretty much doomed as they have the highest robot density in the world.

Singapore could be dodgy as well.

Europeans better avoid Germany.

Looking at the facts when that robot attack starts, and it will, the safest bet it get to Africa and hope that invaders from another planet come down and either:

  • Attack the renegade robots
  • Save us from the dying planet Earth
  • See the Human Race as something to care for and worship – much like the ancient Egyptians and cats
  • Enslave us all and use us purly for pleasure in a “show me this earth thing called kissing” kinda way 😉