RoBoHon is the cute robot phone of the future

Robohon phone callMobile phones are essentially getting quite similar in how they look. How about a cute robot that can interact with users through voice commands, as well as be used as a mobile phone.

Sharp has announced that RoBoHon, an 8-inch tall cute-looking robot will be soon available.

The 4G-friendly RoBoHon, which has been designed by renowned inventor Tomotaka Takahashi, is equipped with a 2-inch screen on its back. It can identify people using its front camera or voice recognition tech, and can snap photos when they smile.

RoBoHon also features a built-in projector to cast content onto surfaces and can read out messages. Awwwww!

The video below shows the friendly bot hailing a cab and cheering up its owner when they’re sad. Do phones get any more adorable?

robohonI almost forgot – you can also use it as a phone, alarm clock and a task reminder.

There’s no word on pricing as yet but Sharp says it’ll release RoboHon in the first half of next year.

Now watch the little RoBoHon phone in action:
[youtube id=”HQtIlxe_ZkY”]