Rizk Autos Brings the 1957 Aston Martin DBR2 Le Mans up-to-date [Stunning]

1957-aston-martin-dbr2-angleAston Martins are great.

If you asked: “Jay; what’s your favourite Aston Martin?” – I couldn’t do it. It would be like asking a father which is his favourite child.

What I can say though is the 1957 Le Mans racer DBR2 would certainly feature in the top 5, even top 3!

It seems that Rizk Automobiles feel the same way as they have revived the classic with totally modern gubbins whilst keeping those heart-stoppingly good looks.

The Arizona-based petrol-heads have slipped in the ultra-light, ultra-stiff, ultra-modern Carbon-Nomex for the body panels which happens to be fire-proof, has energy-absorption properties as well as being 1,500 stiffer than metal!

For insulation RA have looked to NASA and used Aeorogel – as used on the Mars Rover by-the-way.

Priced at around £110,000 it would certainly bring a smile to your face everytime you walked into the garage and with the ‘standard’ engine being a Jaguar straight 6 4.2 litre number it will hit 60 in under 5 seconds – the smiles will just keep coming 🙂

Check out the gallery for the pics and here are the tech specs:

  • Fully independent Front and Rear Suspension with all wheel disc brakes and adjustable coil over shocks.
  • Height adjustable steering column and pedal assembly.
  • Custom Herman Miller â„¢ Seats with adjustability of seat bottom angle, height and lumbar.
  • All Carbon Monocoque Chassis with Aluminum Honeycomb
  • All Carbon Body with Nomex Honeycomb
  • Engine Options:
  • Jaguar Straight 6 cylinder with triple SU or Weber Carburetor
  • Jaguar V-12 Cylinder with triple SU or Weber Carburetor
  • Fuel Injected Corvette LS3 V8 Engine
  • Transmission
  • Manual 5 Speed
  • Manual 6 Speed (Corvette Engine only)
  • Automatic 6 Speed (Corvette Engine only)
  • Weight: 2100 lbs
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