Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Tank will chew up that Range Rover

ripsaw ev2 guillwingDesigned for the military and now available to the public. The Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Tank is designed to handle any terrain or obstacle in style.

Howe & Howe has announced their new Ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicle 2) which they are describing as a “high-end luxury super tank”. Well, what else do you buy when you already have all the toys?

The actual tech specs are a little sketchy at the moment, which is partly due to the fact that the EV2 will be made largely to individual buyers’ specs. Yup, a bespoke tank. Does it get any better than that?

This is just the thing for tearing up your country manor estate.

ripsaw ev2What is for sure is that there’s a power winch, gull-wing doors, a high-intensity light bar, a foot (30cm) of suspension travel, and it’s all pushed along by a 600+hp diesel engine. It also looks like they’ve stolen Batman’s interior designer. You get a full touchscreen entertainment system and leather seats.

ripsaw ev2 interiorThey don’t mention any top speeds but looking at the video below, the EV2 is pretty quick and seemed to get the run on the off-road bike.

Howe and Howe states that the Ripsaw EV2 will be made by hand in a limited run, each one taking up to six months to build, and costing “well into the 100s of thousands depending on desired luxury and performance packages.”

It comes in black.

[youtube id=”9WxO6TwnFzU”]