RFID Used For Amusement – Magazine

The world’s first web-connected magazine has just hit the shelves!

Amusement is a funky magazine all about gaming and style.

The latest issue is out now and it’s gone all RFID!

On page 2 of the mag you’ll get an RFID (Radio frequency identification) tag.

Whack the page up to an RFID scanner and hey presto! – you get access to a video, several “interactive” apps from artists and a 3D video.

Each issue of the €9 (£8.50) web-connected magazine comes with its own email address so contact with the writers is quick and easy – how interactive do you want it?

I think this sounds like an interesting idea but would have to see it in action before I can say whether or not I feel it’s worth just short of a tenner.

Could this save the print business?

Is this nothing but a desperate attempt to bring people back?

It’s on sale at the Barbican in London so if I can escape the office tomorrow I might just nip across the road for a gander :p