Revolutionary new centre speaker from Q Acoustics enhances movie experience

Concept Centre White AngleI’ve long been a fan of Q Acoustics speakers and run a pair of 1010i monitors on my PC rig. The speaker company has just announced their new Q Acoustics Concept Centre speaker which features special Gelcore tech.

The new Q Acoustics central loudspeaker has been developed using pioneering technology that dramatically reduces the distortion caused by the shell of the speaker, a common problem that affects the clarity of affordable home cinema systems. This means that movie buffs can enjoy optimum sound quality to match the high definition visuals.

The Q Acoustics Concept Centre has been designed to sit at the heart of a standard 5.1 setup, which also consists of two side speakers, two rear speakers and a subwoofer.

By utilising state-of-the-art Gelcore technology to eradicate speaker distortion, film enthusiasts can now enjoy the same unparalleled level of sonic performance that music lovers already experience with the well received Q Acoustics Concept stereo models.

Jonathan Bennett, Marketing Director at Armour Home, makers of Q Acoustics speakers, says:

The Concept Centre provides a clarity of sound which is deserving of the significant investment major film studios have made to create complex and stylish audio and sound effects when producing their latest blockbuster titles. For many years people at home have been able to watch films in high definition and embraced the compelling visuals. However, many viewers have not had access to advanced speaker technology to truly enjoy the benefits of the innovation in sound. Our revolutionary speakers will now enhance the overall home cinema experience.”

Concept Centre Black FrontGelcore is an innovative technology developed by Q Acoustics to ensure that consumers with a mid-range budget can enjoy the same levels of performance delivered by high-end products. The Concept Centre has been developed using Gelcore Construction, in which the speaker cabinet is made up of an inner and outer shell. A special compound is then inserted between the two layers that absorbs resonance within the speaker cabinet, before converting it into heat.

Bennett adds:

Up until now, sound distortion caused by the shell of the speaker has been the single main factor holding back the performance of affordable loudspeakers. Previously manufacturers countered this problem by making expensive, heavy speaker shells; however this is why ‘high-end’ performance has also meant ‘high-end’ prices. Our specialist design team has been able to revolutionise the market by applying scientific methodology to create Gelcore. As a result, the sound quality of the Concept Centre is sensational, whilst also providing excellent value to the millions of film lovers across the world.”

If previous products are anything to go by, the Concept range will definintely be worth checking out. More information is available from the Q Acoustics website.