Revellutions RC Police Car review

revell police car reviewWell, it’s getting to that time of year when reviewers start their reviews with “well, it’s getting to that time of year”. In keeping with that tradition I have a rather natty radio controlled Police Car from Revell to put through its paces.

This big-wheeled police car is part of the all new Revellutions collection from Revell and has been designed to be just as tough as its muscle car looks suggest.

The new RC police car comes complete with flashing lights which are triggered by a button on the hand controller.

lightsThis has been built to look like a near-futuristic American cop car thanks to nods such as the stylised stars and stripes and 911 being emblazoned on its sides.

The car comes with a LiPo battery and charger. The battery is removed and placed into the charger unit for about 60 minutes and then simply placed into the battery compartment of the car.

This compartment is then locked with a plastic key thing but should you misplace the small key then a coin or screwdriver will do the trick. To be honest, I just used my thumbnail.

revell police car review car and controllerThe remote is the pistol-type, this is an American cop car after all, with a trigger used for forwards and reverse and a wheel to control direction. The controller requires 4 AA batteries.

Controlling the car is easy and smooth and aimed at those drivers 8 years and over. A full 60 minute charge gives approximately 30 minutes play time until it needs charging up again.

This little car can reach impressive top speeds of 20km per hour and its electronics can handle outings in parks and gardens, and even the beach, thanks to the robust chassis being dust-proof and splash-proof.

The cop car’s tyres come with a quick change system meaning no tools are needed and it also features rather handy mechanical gear shifting. Slow gear for indoor use and Fast gear for outside. So if, like me, you’re not blessed with large rooms and long corridors, you can knock it down to low gear to give yourself a fighting chance of making those corners as the turning circle isn’t the smallest.

revell police car review frontThe car measures 30 cms approximately and weighs just under 600g.

The fiddly bit

If I had to make a suggestion then this would pretty much go across the board with the Revell RC models I’ve tested thus far – it’s how they are tied to their display mounts. This car was fastened using thick plastic zip-ties. I could only imagine the frustration come Christmas day when a child receives this, hastily unwraps it, gets in to the box only to have to wait until scissors, knives and hushed expletives are implemented by an adult in order to free their new toy. I’ve even had ones that were fastened to their base by screws. Please Revell, find another way.


The Revellutions RC Police Car is quick to set-up and easy to drive. I like the fact that the wheels can be easily changed and that there are two speed settings which can either be used for indoors and outdoors or to perhaps make it easier to control for younger kids.

It looks good and being able to turn the flashing lights on and off from the controller is a neat touch.

If you’re looking for a remote controlled car that will survive past Boxing Day, then the Revellutions Police Car is worthy a look.

UK price

The Revellutions RC Police Car is available now for £51.86 from but I have seen it them going for around the £49 mark.

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