Revell Control Spot 2.0 camera quad drone review

Spot 2.0 camera quadcopter


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Size
  • Good price
  • Great fun - if I could fly it


  • Exposed wiring
  • Grade of plastics
  • Camera quality

revell-control-quadcopter-spot-2-0-boxA couple of months ago Abe reviewed the Nano Quad Cam drone from Revell Control. We have since had the Spot 2.0 camera drone sent over to have a look at. This time Darren has taken the controls.

The main expectation for the Revell Control Spot 2.0 camera drone was improved optics over the Nano Quad. We were also hoping to see good speed and handling but all still at a keen price.

Is that what we got? Read on and see what Darren thought.

Spot 2.0 design

The Spot 2.0 has a minimalist design which no doubt keeps it light and nimble. The black plastic frame is livened up by sporty flashes of white and yellow.

revell-control-quadcopter-spot-2-0There is a camera fitted in to the centre of drone’s nose. This can be angled to suit your shooting.

The battery is exposed but is snugly fitted (more on that later).

revell-control-quadcopter-spot-2-0-micro-sd-cardAround the rear is where you will find the MicroSD card slot and battery connection.

The drone’s feet are fixed and part of the propeller braces.

It’s a good looking drone to be fair and looks built for purpose.

Spot 2.0 performance

Set up

Being a man, I don’t see the point in instructions and normally just like to plug and play. This is nigh on impossible with the Spot 2.0. From initial battery set up to syncing the drone to the controller, everything with the Spot 2.0 just seems fiddly. I actually though I’d broken the thing before I’d even started and that was due to the exposed nature of the wiring which connects the battery to the quadcopter.

revell-control-quadcopter-spot-2-0-box-contentsOne tug on the wiring to remove the battery and I was sure I’d pulled a little too hard. Since then, turning the Spot 2.0 on since has been tricky. I now have to hold the wire at a particular angle to get it to work. And this is all before you try and fly the thing!

Not for indoors

Right, let’s do this!

What better to ease myself in to my first drone experience than with what I thought was an entry level drone, boy was I wrong.

The Spot 2.0 is touted as being a fast stunt drone with HD video and still image capabilities which I wish I’d known before I started to fly the thing in my living room!

revell-control-quadcopter-spot-2-0-handAfter crashing in to almost everything in the room, I can confidently state that the Spot 2.0 is durable, although the back left propeller hasn’t been the same since it’s coming together with my coffee table.

After visiting the Revell site, I now understand that the Spot 2.0 is not entry level but for those with between Advanced and Professional level flying experience, I obviously do not fall in to this category.

Off to the park

Finally, the wide open spaces, the wind in my hair, this was it, I was going to fly this thing! Again, boy was I wrong!

Due to the speed of the Spot 2.0 and its stunt flying nature, the controls are very sensitive. Twice I ended up in bushes and once the Spot 2.0 lodged itself in to a tree (this happened not long after the video below finished, in fact you can see the tree!).
[youtube id=”hYWVuYim4_U”]
But I persevered and after a while I started to enjoy myself and with more time, patience and battery power (does not last long at all) I could really have some fun with this.

The price point makes this attractive but I can’t help but think, if I was an advanced/professional droner (not a word, I know), surely you would be investing in more expensive kit with better technology?

I know I could have been aided by a gyroscope and some stabilisers, especially after seeing the Propel launch of their Star Wars drones this week.

Spot 2.0 camera

The SD card slot is nicely tucked away and the camera is movable to allow for forward facing recording or birds-eye view. This is all good stuff. The only this that lets it down is the camera quality.

revell-control-quadcopter-spot-cameraThe selling point here is HD recording and imagery, I can’t see any of these in the video or photo’s I have taken. The video above was taken straight off of the SD card together with the image below.

spot-2-0-stillThe image is blurry and pixelated. This is probably down to the movement of the drone while the image was taken but surely Revell must’ve known that pictures being taken while flying a stunt drone would be subject to this and should done something to counteract this.


• 4CH GHz remote control system
• With speed levels and flip function
• 3.7 V LiPo / 350 mAh battery rechargeable / included
• LED lighting
• High-quality HD camera
• Micro SD card and adapter
• Four powerful electric motors
• With stable chassis especially crash-insensitive
• Convenient charging with USB charger
• Charging time: approx. 60 min / flight time: approx. 5-7 min
• Length: 140 mm / width: 140 mm / height: 40 mm
• Rotor diameter: 58 mm
• Weight: 41g

Spot 2.0 drone review conclusion

A drone at entry level cost that requires near-expert level skills.

darren-flying-the-spot-2-0If you can keep it up, you’ll have fun (that’s what she said), and there probably isn’t many better at this price. But, if you are at the flying level targeted, you may feel you’ll better off investing in something a little sturdier, with more tech and a better camera.

You may find your time spent like this if you’re not quite there yet with your flying skills:

[youtube id=”3QPR8Bvl3lw”]

For more information, head on over to the Revell Control website.

Revell Control Spot 2.0 camera drone price and availability

The Spot 2.0 camera drone is available right now for 59,99 € direct from Revell Control. Alternatively, you can nab one for £43 from Amazon.