RetroUI for those wanting to upgrade to Windows 8 but not Metro

Thinix RetroUI Windows 8You or your workplace may be looking at upgrading to Windows 8 but not want that fancy-schmancy touch-friendly tile lay-out. Thinix has an answer.

There are generally reasons for upgrading your computer operating system – sometimes you don’t even have a choice if you’re buying new hardware with an OS already installed.

So, what happens if you’re stuck with the latest Microsoft OS with the Metro, ooops, I mean Windows 8 user interface but don’t like or need the touch-optimised screen?

Thinix has a very good looking solution for those that refuse to evolve, and it’s called: RetroUI.

Not only will RetroUI give you the warm and safe familiarity of a ‘standard’ Windows homescreen, the app can also lock out certain Metro features altogether.

You can even squirt it out to everyone on a network if the new-look of Windows 8 is too much for the office to get to grips with.

At $5 for every three PCs ($5 per PC in offices) it’s an inexpensive way for the IT department to update everyone to Windows 8 without scaring everyone on Monday when they boot up for the first time.

Once people have grown accustomed to Windows 8 RetroUI can release the tiles and other blocked functions.

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