Retro-Styled LCD TV – Brings Back CRT Boob Tube Memories [plusminuszero]

plusminus-lcd-tvRetro styling is, and will pretty much always, have a place in fashion.

If these futuristic, thin, large and flat televisions are just jarring against your 80’s styled appartment then perhaps have a look at Plus Minus Zero.

The Plus Minus Zero features a compact 8-inch LCD screen tucked inside that retro CRT boobtube body.

Shove this funky tv in the kitchen or bedroom and add a definte designer touch.

The mini tele also has a wireless receiver so you can stream content to it from anywhere in the house.

I’m still confused by (had to read the item a few times to make sure) the crazy $1223 price tag  – you could get a real tele for that! 

But if that doesn’t put you off bounce over to Japan Trend Shop


Found via RGS