Retro Robot Key Covers – A Geeky Must Have

We all love robots here right?

Chances are that we have a multitude of keys that gets us into our home, work, garage, rehearsal room, etc – unless you’ve managed to get everything remote controlled, set up to open with your BlackBerry or key card activated 😉

For the rest of us it’s the good ol’ metal key.

If you remember to pick up your keys in the first place how many times have you had to shuffle through the bunch to find the one that you need?

These robot covers not only make your keys colourful enough not to forget them but also help you remember which one to use where.

You chose each design as you go and, when you end up with yet another key, you can go back to the site and select another helpful robot-shaped cover.

I’m definitely going to get some of these!

Get them now for $4.99

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