Retro games app GamingCast ready for Chromecast’s imminent UK release

GamingCast For ChromecastIf you own both an Android smartphone or tablet and Google’s new Chromecast media streaming dongle you might be interested in a new application which is being launched this week called GamingCast for Chromecast.

With the European launch of Chromecast just weeks away, the full capabilities of Google’s $35 HDMI dongle are becoming apparent.

Since the belated release of a software development kit (SDK) and API, app developers are finding that the device isn’t limited to streaming video and audio.

Italian developers Eli Sherer and Yaron Burger have become the first to release games for Chromecast with Gamingcast, an Android app that allows users to play a selection of retro games which you are able to play on your HDTV using your smartphone as the game controller.

Available from the Google Play Store the 85p app hands you a choice of four titles, with more said to follow – Snake, Pong, Xonix and Tetrominoes, all clones of classic games of yesteryear.

Chromecast was supposed to be already available in the UK with Currys stating a store date of March 1st, which never happened.

On March 10th Google confirmed that the Chromecast UK release date is ‘weeks away’ which means March/early April availability is confirmed.

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