Replace your iPhone 4S Earbuds with Jays t-Jays Four Earphones

If you’re not put off by Siri not yet knowing what’s happening in your locality when you ask it a question in the UK and still getting an iPhone 4S one thing is for sure – those bundled buds need ditching.

You could do a lot worse than grabbing a set of Jays earphones whilst you’re splashing the cash – not just because Jay’s such a great name either!

Swedish headphone types, Jays, have just sent me details of their latest pair of earpleasers – the t-Jays Four.

They may be small but they certainly seem to be packing the tech.

Practicalities first – the t-Jays Four come with an in-line three button controller so you can skip tracks, alter the volume and answer calls all without having to whip out your new iPhone.

These little beauties are even packing a MEMS microphone for 360 degree noise reduction.

Not only that, how does Kevlar reinforced cable to prevent tangles and five different-sized silicon sleeves to facilitate a comfy lug-fit grab you?

I can’t vouch for the sonics until Jays send me some to test – do you think that’s too subtle? 😉

Will you be buying some t-Jays Four or perhaps something like the AKGs I have?

Let me know below 🙂

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