Renault off-roader is Kwids in with own drone assistant [video]

renault kwid concept with droneRenault has unveiled their new concept off-road vehicle they have named the Renault Kwid. As well as its smugly futuristic looks it comes fully equipped with a quadcopter drone that checks the road ahead.

Renault has designed the Kwid for young customers in India. It’s tiny, at just 3.6m long, and packs in a 1.2l turbocharged engine with plans for an electric version in the pipeline too.

The interior is apparently modelled on a bird’s nest and the front seats are able to accommodate three passengers together with space for a further two in the rear. Of course, you can expect all that to change when the car eventually hits the market.

renault kwid interiorThe drone is docked in a holding bay at the rear of the vehicle and can easily be launched when required, being controlled by a tablet on the dash or by setting GPS waypoints for it to follow. It can also automatically follow your Kwid as you pootle around.

renault kwid drone launchAccording to Renault, your drone companion can be used to look for obstacles and traffic on the road ahead, relaying live video to a tablet mounted in the dashboard. You can also use it to take pictures, for the ultimate selfie.

“Unveiled at the Delhi Auto Show, Renault Kwid is THE multinational concept car. Renault Designers around the world cooperated to conceive a vehicle made for local markets and designed to meet the latters’ needs.”

[youtube id=”2h7olJW9XTc”]

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