RELYNC – stylish folding mobility scooter – CES 2018

RELYNC black and redA new generation of smart scooter promising to transform the lives of mobility users has been launched at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, USA by RELYNC.

RELYNC is the world’s first smart folding mobility scooter. It has been designed to revolutionise the lives of users by providing the most portable, stylish, smart and portable travel experience available to those with mobility needs.

Thanks to its cutting edge, elegant design and array of features, it has led to RELYNC to becoming one of the first products to have ever been recognised by the CES Innovation Awards in the new Smart Cities category. This is a brand new category introduced this year.


RELYNC black and redFor the first time, a mobility scooter can be folded up and stowed on a plane, coach or in the boot of a car.

Its light frame is more portable and thinner than all existing mobility scooters. Let’s face it, most of them are bulky and unpractical to store.

relync foldedIt can be simply folded and packed away into a portable, self-contained suitcase in two simple steps and a matter of seconds. This is much faster than any other mobility scooter on the market.

Smart scooter

The smartphone-compatible scooter boasts a number of cutting-edge engineering and smart features. These features include an inbuilt dashboard LED light navigation system which means the user can focus on the road rather than consulting a phone or satnav.

Additionally, there’s also automatic speed adaptation via a gyro sensor and speed algorithms. These work to automatically reduce speed if safe limits are exceeded on bends or hills and prevent accidents.

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Furthermore, RELYNC can be locked, located and tracked in real time via a smartphone app using GPRS and GPS. It also boasts intelligent alarm and tamper functionality. This alerts both passers-by and the user themselves if it is disturbed or moved.

The scooter also features a USB port, to allow users to charge other devices on the go.

The elegant, futuristic design aims to provide owners with pride in their mode of transport. Moreover, it also adds style to what has traditionally been a purely functional item.

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