RED Hydrogen One phone-sized holographic media machine

red media machineRED, the makers of swanky cameras as used in Hollywood, has revealed an entirely new product. This smartphone packs hologram projection skills.

OK, so ‘smartphone’ might be a little light on pizzazz. RED prefer “Holographic Media Machine”. There, that’s instantly more interesting isn’t it?

This new device actual enable you to view 3D content without glasses.

RED Hydrogen One features

As RED has only just announced the new device, dubbed Hydrogen One, specific details about it and its platform are slim at the moment.

We do know some of its features though.

red hydrogen one holographic media machineHolographic player

For starters, by all counts, it’s an unlocked multi-band smartphone. True, it has a 5.7-inch “professional holographic display” though. This display is capable of showing 2D, 3D, as well as “holographic RED 4-view content” – your guess is as good as mine regarding the latter.

I’m thinking something this won’t be too far removed from the same glasses-free LCD shutter technology used on the Nintendo 3DS.

3D sound

Furthermore, RED boasts that the Hydrogen One is equipped with their proprietary “H3O algorithm” embedded in the OS. Yeah, they’re digging their buzz-words.

This clever tech supposedly converts regular 2-channel stereo sound into “expansive multi-dimensional audio”. They say that it will simulate a 5.1 surround sound experience through a standard pair of headphones.


The device’s large camera bump points to the handset will probably be quite handy with capturing stills and video.

Let’s face it, given RED’s history, I would expect nothing less.


The mobile device can also be used as external monitor and interface for RED’s hugely expensive Scarlet, EPIC, and Weapon digital cinema cameras.

Finally, the feature list also points out that the Hydrogen One can be expanded using modular components to increase its capabilities as a shooter or film making tool. Now, that’s quite interesting.

Price and availability

Being a RED product you’re already thinking un-cheap. You’re right.

The RED Hydrogen One will cost you $1,195 (£925) for the aluminium version, or $1,595 (£1,235) for a body made of lightweight titanium. Pre-orders being taken now.

So, is £925 going to be worth forking out for a tweaked Android phone, albeit quite heavily?

That, I can’t say right now but RED certainly has plenty of fans.

Could this be the ultimate portable device for mobile film makers?