Red 5 X Series 2.4 camera drone review

Red 5 X Series 2.4 quadcopter HD camera drone


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xseries quadcopter red backgroundHouse of Fraser are stocking tech toys from Red 5 now. They have kindly sent over their X Series 2.4 quadcopter camera drone for us to have a look at.

The X Series 2.4 drone is fitted with a HD camera and 4GB Micro SD.

It also boasts a six axis gyroscope and 3D eversion and so should be easy to fly.

We have heard that before though haven’t we?

This is the second drone I’ve reviewed and after having my confidence rocked by the hard to handle Spot 2.0, I must admit I was worried.

X Series 2.4 drone design

Firstly, I unboxed the quadcopter. My first impressions were that the X Series was a big drone!

It looks sleek with its all black finish but it was at least double the size of what I had previously flown.

xseries quadcopter angleSetting up was easy but I don’t know if this was actually easier than previous drones, or just that I’d done it before and therefore knew what to expect.

I was happier to see a sealed battery unit and a simple to access power button and SD card slot. However, there is some exposed wiring connecting the battery to the camera unit.

xseries quadcopter frontA 20 minute charge and I was ready to go, although the instructions do state an hour charge for 8 minutes of continuous flight. I do think that I got a little more.

X Series 2.4 drone performance

First flight – indoors

In the interest of fairness and the integrity of science, I decided to conduct the very same tests I undertook with the previous drone.

Which, if you check out my previous review, is to attempt to fly the craft indoors!

I’m older and wiser now so turn the speed option down to it’s minimum. I push up on the stick gently and am surprised by the amount of control I have of such a big drone in such a small space.

This has to be down to the gyroscope. Already this is a far more fun experience. I manage to navigate around my living room and dining room, even moving in to the kitchen whilst in flight! I’m a pro!

Well, maybe not yet. I need to get this in to the park!

So off to the park… again…

Ground control

Before I talk about the drone, let me rewind to the controller. There is an element of familiarity here. Previously I had to get used to a new button set and controls, with the X Series I didn’t have any of that.

xseries quadcopter and controllerThey have ingeniously used the same shape and button config of the very well known PlayStation controller. This means that gamers like me can pick this up easily.

Fair enough the build quality is not as good but what do you expect for the price?

Take it outside

Right, back to flying! (this time I even brought a piece of cardboard as a helipad!)

Initially I took things easy, tried to control take-off and landing, turn the craft around, move forwards and backwards. But, before long I was itching to push the X Series and myself. This was fun!

Not before long I was ramping up the speed and attempting the pre-programmed aerobatics! It was becoming clear that this was a fun drone for beginners but also a product that can develop with you. The better you get, the better the drone will react.

xseries quadcopter boxI could pick up serious speeds at the highest setting. The only thing I could not get my head around was the “Return Home” feature. Although the setting managed to set the drone down safely (something I struggled to master), it didn’t seem to return to the point of take off. Maybe I’m asking for too much.

At the end of the test I was so confident I managed to walk back to the car with the drone flying steadily beside me.

Oh, and the lights not only make it attractive and easy to find at night but also help you identify which way is forward! A useful trick when the drone is a way off in the distance and you need to figure out how to get it back.

X Series 2.4 drone camera

The gyroscope is a revelation for using the drone as a serious source of imagery.

The stability this provides made for some lovely vistas of Morden and some pretty good video even in windy conditions.

[youtube id=”RemiXfzom18″]

A couple of downsides, I wouldn’t really classify the camera quality as HD but I’m probably just splitting hairs here.

The camera is fixed in the forward facing position which means birds eye imagery is very difficult and, much like all drones in this price bracket, the inability to get real time feedback on your pictures and video means that this drone can’t really be considered if imagery is your primary driver for droning.

X Series 2.4 drone review conclusion

Great fun! I’m a convert!

I likened this experience to the first time I drove an RC car when I was a kid.

Based on this experience, I’d actually consider spending my hard earned cash on this drone.

X Series 2.4 drone price and availability

If you’re quick you could still add one to your Christmas list!

The Red 5 X Series 2.4 drone is available now in black or red. For us at GadgetyNews, we think that the £69.99 asking price is a bit of a bargain for something so easy and fun to fly.