Record Video on Your Non-Jailbroken iPhones! iVideoCamera

ivideocameraThat’s right my gadgety iPhone owners!

Whether you have the 2G or 3G Appley handheld you can now do the same as what those iPhone 3GS owners can do and record videos!

The most important feature of iVideoCamera app is that you can export those flicks to the camera roll of the Photo’s app.

This means that after you’ve exported it you can use the standard ‘trim’ function in the iPhone OS to trim videos and then use other apps such as Twitter to post videos to the Interwebs.

The iVideoCamera records at a fairly low bit rate but I’m guessing that since Apple is now allowing this one there’ll be a few more and possibly better video apps appearing shortly.

It’s only 59p from the app store so give it a blast 🙂

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