Recommend and Grab iPhone Apps via Facebook Page

There’s plenty of ways to waste time on Facebook and we all know how popular iPhone apps are – what would happen if you brought the two together?

Yup – there’s now a Facebook app for your Apple apps and, let’s face it, it can only help sales of apps even further – not like they need it mind 😉

Vitrue, a Facebook developer, has teamed up with Apple to allow people to browse the store from the social networking site and then share app recommendations with friends.

This follows the success of the iTunes Facebook page, also powered by Vitrue, which has grown to over 3.2 million fans in less than 10 months.

“To create the page and its custom components, Vitrue worked with the iTunes team at Apple to provide strategic guidance, creative design, solution development and account management,” explains Vitrue in a blog post.

I can imagine this possibly progressing to link in with the actual Facebook app on my iPhone and when I add or remove an app from my Apple blower it auto-updates the list on my profile.

It would be interesting to see which apps my Facebook buddies are rocking.

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