Top 5 Reasons to buy a £115 HP TouchPad

A 32GB HP TouchPad for just over £100. That’s pretty darned irrisitable and, if I had a spare 100 notes I’d be hitting those online stores RIGHT NOW!

But, as I am a skint bass player that just happens to dig tech I am left to dream and imagine why I’d get a tablet that is on its way out before it really got started.


The TouchPad has a great Kindle app and at £115 is way cheaper than the Kindle 3G and only the price of a pint more than the Wi-Fi only Kindle. OK so e-Ink is all clever and kinder to your peepers but at least you’ll be able to read in the dark and do more things on your super-cheap TouchPad!

Music Player

I bet you had forgotten that, as with a lot of HP’s new gear, the TouchPad is equipped with speakers from Beats By Dre. Yeah. Now this starts to make more sense. 🙂 Get a music-streaming service bookmarked on your Wi-Fi or just pack the 32GB memory up with tunes and you have your own modern-day boom box!

News Reader

I’m an RSS feed addict. I have them squirted to my Google account as well as my work email account so I can keep up-to-date through Outlook (Shhhhhh!). Why not set up your feeds and read them on your TouchPad. Use the TouchPad’s app called Paper Mache (webOS’s answer to Instapaper) and enjoy the commute without looking like a commoner with their free papers!

Dedicated Couch/Bedroom/Toilet/Car/Kitchen Tablet

Leave the TouchPad on the coffee-table for quick updates, next to the toilet to read some news, next to the bed to get a few more pages read of the latest novel or have a final email check, leave it in the back of your car for your kids and other bored passengers to amuse themselves with or even keep it in the kitchen for checking out recipes. The TouchPad will be useful and you probably wont cry as much when you drop cake mix over it compared with a similar situation involving your iPad 😉

Load it with Android

TouchDroid are looking to get the Google OS on the TouchPad which will open up the door to the plentiful App Market and all those lovely developers – not to mention getting in on all the software updates such as Ice Cream Sandwich. That is if all this goes ahead.

What else would you use the doomed tablet for? Let me know 🙂

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