Real Steel Inspires Real King Kiser Motion Controlled Boxing Robot

Robo Boxer King KizerHave you watched the Hugh Jackman robot boxing flick Real Steel? Did you want to go out and build a giant boxing droid? Well, Naoki Maru did.

Maru and his son recently showed off a kid-friendly version the Real King Kizer robot which utilises a new master-slave control system inspired by the film Real Steel.

The Real Steel-like setup was created when an Xtion Pro Live sensor (think Xbox Kinect) was brought in to the action.

The 3′ 2″ boxer was then able to copy the motions of Maru’s son and, unlike prior iterations, this one doesn’t require a physical harness to transmit commands.

Watch the video below and imagine the Rocky soundtrack playing through it – I reckon it’s time for a montage!

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