Real Six String for Guitar Hero – ezGear YOU ROCK! \,,/\,,/

ezgear-you-rock-guitarHere is the You Rock Guitar from ezGear!

This six-stringer is compatible with both Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band: World Tour for Wii, and your PC or Mac.

The You Rock has a full multi-touch fretboard which simulates a “real” guitar with six strings instead of five buttons.

I might actually stand a chance of playing this instead of the humilation that I faced over Christmas!

You can hook this axe via a standard .25-inch connection, or plug in your iPod or MP3 player through the mini-stereo jack to rock out to your own private collection of shredtastic tracks – Some Vai or Satriani I think……yeah like my skills run to that! 😛

The folks over at ezGear promise a SDK for even further expandability by Spring.

Looks like it’ll cost around $150 and be available in either Q2 or Q3.