Real James Bond inspired laser watch in action – video

laser watchThe future is getting closer. We have a real hoverboard, flying cars, smartwatches and other wearable tech, and now a watch that fires lasers!

That’s right gadgety faithful, your can finally burn things from a wrist-mounted laser.

The watch was built by hobbyist Patrick Priebe for personal use and calls it the “Bond inspired LaserWatch”, as Bond used a laser-equipped Rolex in Never Say Never Again.

The LaserWatch features a machined metal body, LED watch module for a screen, clear carbon coated cover and a whopping 1,500-milliwatt laser. The laser is so powerful it can actually pop balloons and even light candles. That’s surely enough to win you some pints down at the local.

The watch took Priebe around 40 hours to make so he said if he were asked to make more he’d charge at least $300 – so, that means that he might make one for you.

The laser on the watch lasts anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes before draining the battery. But since the battery is lithium-polymer and large, thanks to being built into the strap, it can be recharged for reuse.

You might want to check out what the laws are for wearing a laser gun but, lets face it, How cool is it though?

Check it out in action below:
[youtube id=”EbQ2JvRxNq0″]