Real FX brings the next generation of model car racing

Real FX racingI remember racing cars around a track in the living-room with great fondness. First was a simple oval Scalextric set-up which slowly grew to a figure 8 track but the need for more competitive and tactical driving meant a change over to the lane-switching of TCR. Now Real FX is looking to bring the next generation to your home.

Sitting somewhere between slot racing, radio controlled cars and a computer game, Real FX does look fun.

Real FX allows gamers to race real world toy cars using a remote control, then when they want to race artificial intelligence, as they would on a single player computer game, they simply switch the controller to “pace car” mode. Using the special track this will race a plastic car against yours on the route.

The genius design of the Real FX cars and tracks means that, even without slots and barriers, the cars are guided via clever optics to stay on the track. Hit a corner too fast and you can spin off, or get everything just right to get the car’s back-end to step out.

The track is easily put together and can be changed and added to by the owner.

The Real FX racing kit will starting shipping in October and early backers on Kickstarter can now get a set of 2 cars, 2 controllers and a starter track set for £80.

Check out the fun to be had in the Kickstarter video below: