RD Mute – Silence Your Android Phone by Flipping it Over

Another helpful app but for those that have no need to cover up their tracks but sometimes get caught out in meetings.

You know the scene – quiet, serious meeting with whiteboards, filpcharts, PowerPoint – the works and then someones phone goes off.

It’s yours.

How could you forget to slip the thing on silent?

It’s easily done and easily forgotten to do.

Why not turn your phone to mute when you turn it over?

RD Mute is an app that simply shuts your phone volume off the moment you turn your phone facedown.

RD Mute also has a car mode, which mutes your phone while you’re driving, so you don’t get distracted. You can pick the driving speed your phone mutes itself at and even send an automatic text message to your friends so when they call you, they’ll know you’re driving and that you’ll get back to them soon

The RD Mute app for Android phones is a free download and could save your job, friendships or even your life 😉

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