Razor E-300 electric scooter for a cool commute

Razor E300 Silver Electric ScooterAnyone else slowing down now that Autumn is creeping in? There’s many of us out there that feel as though we’re solar powered. When the sun starts hiding so does your get-up-and go. Why not let a Razor Electric Scooter take the strain out of your commute?

The nifty Razor Electric Scooters are an ideal and fun way to avoid having to walk or cycle anywhere.

The Razor E-300, as it’s called, is powered by a rechargeable battery which only takes 12 hours to charge; after that, you’re on your way with a quick twist of the hand grip accelerator.

This is not just a kid’s toy either. The super sized deck and frame is perfect for ages 14+ including adults!

Thanks to the E-300’s 25cm pneumatic tyres you get a nice, smooth grown-up ride too.

For an extra tenner you can add a detachable seat so you can properly relax on your journey. Let’s face it, who wants to walk when you can sit and cruise to your destination?

The Razor E-300 is a handy bit of kit on the commute as it folds away into a portable package, making it ideal for taking on the train.

With a cruising speed of 15 mph and a range of between 9–11.5 miles per charge (or around 45 minutes of run time) you should be able to get to the station and back.

Whilst the seated model is available in blue, you can also choose from blue or silver with the unseated Razor E-300 Electric Scooter (RRP £269.95).

The Razor E-300 Electric Scooter with Seat (RRP £279.95) is probably the most chilled out of this range of eco-friendly, electric powered modes of transport.

  • Folded: 93cm(L) x 46cm (H) x 21.5 cm (W)
  • Unfolded: 93cm (L) x 106cm (H) x 21cm (W)
  • Weighs: 22.5kgs
  • Maximum rider’s weight: 100kgs

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