Razer Hydra – First Gaming Grade Motion Controller

Gaming accessory boffins Razer have just unleashed a new PC controller called Hydra. Imagine a pair of turbo-charged Wiimotes shoved into a couple of Nintendo nunchucks.

Say hello to the first “gaming-grade” motion controller.

I think that may be a tad unfair to all those other ones out there but I think Razer may have upped the game considerably – the Hydra should be swift enough for the serious gamer and leave those casual controllers for dead.

The response time and six-degree, magnetic motion tracking is said to track movements as slight as 1 mm or 1 degree. Razer also have a well respected reputation so I am willing to take their word for this – I would love to test and review this though 😉

The Hydra PC motion controllers have an analogue stick, 4 face buttons, a trigger button and a bumper, along with those motion sensors.

Don’t worry about having to seek out custom-made titles – the Razer Hydra works with 125 games right on release – Portal 2 being one them!

Others include Call of Duty: Black Ops, Left 4 Dead 2 and Bulletstorm.

Razer will begin taking pre-orders for the $140 Hydra controller in May, and will begin shipping them in June.

Check out the Hydra being used with Portal 2

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