Razer gaming phone – more details

razer smartphoneThings have been quiet since we published news of gaming company Razer’s plans for a smartphone back in January. However, it seems like this is still going forward.

Razer is said to still be planning its own mobile phone aimed at “hardcore gamers”, according to sources talking to Bloomberg.

According to “people familiar with the matter” Razer will target a stock market launch in Hong Kong looking for a valuation of $3-5 billion.

This would give the company the kind of coin needed to develop its own smartphone offering.

The path to a Razer gaming phone

Nextbit RazerThe company recently acquired Nextbit. This smartphone startup put an emphasis on unlimited storage by using integrated cloud backup and syncing.

Although Nextbit confirmed it would continue to develop in the mobile sphere, it’s likely that this will have some influence on the direction that a Razer phone will take.

There’s also the Ouya acquisition from way back in 2015.

With Razor grabbing up the Android gaming device, this could also play a part into the device’s final positioning.

What’s needed

Let’s face it, there are already some pretty powerful phones out there. But, is that enough?

Those “hardcore gamers” aren’t going to be easy to please.

Eye-popping graphics will need a great screen. Furthermore, a large-enough great screen.

Cooling will also be an important factor, as will battery life. The latter is going to be one of the most difficult balancing acts. You’ve felt the weight of full-on gaming laptops, right?

What would you expect from a proper gaming phone? Are we on the right track, even?

Thinking about the Ouya link, could this turn out to be more like the Nintendo Switch?