Razer and Lenovo join forces for special gaming PC range

lenovo razer PCHot news from the world of PC hardware – the world’s biggest PC manufacturer and one of the platform’s most successful gaming specialists have teamed up to produce a new line of gaming machines.

The first range of products from the collaboration between Lenovo and Razer will be the Razer Edition Lenovo PCs.

These will include the Y series of desktop computers, which were revealed at the IFA tech expo back in September.

The Razer Edition of the Y series appears to swap Lenovo’s red lighting for Razer’s signature green, with future iterations of the line coming pre-loaded with Razer’s suite of software for its various headsets, mice, keyboards and other accessories.

Lenovo_Y_Series_Razer_Edition_Gaming_Desktop_Prototype openAs well as some multichromatic underlighting future developments are likely to include Razer Comms, Synapse, and Cortex, a suite of useful tools for managing and optimising settings for games.

Razer also has a loyal and vocal fan base, which Lenovo says will be taken in to consideration during the development and refinement of future products. It will be interesting to see if that actually happens but it does bode well and makes perfect sense to note what your audience demands.

The first fruits of the partnership are set to launch in January, with further product announcements and releases planned for throughout 2016.