Ray Chaise – Comfy Chair Not Soul Maestro

You work hard all week (of course it still counts if you worked hard avoiding work – that can still wear you out) so you deserve to kick back in luxury.

How about some soothing sounds as well to help you unwind?

This is the handy-work of Italian design firm D.sign21.

The Ray Chaise (not to be mistaken with Ray Charles) offers the ergonomic and supporting shape of a classic chaise longue – renowned for being the ultimate chilling device.

It brings everything bang up-to-date with its fibreglass frame and plush leather upholstery and on closer inspection you’ll notice an iPod dock in the arm which is hooked up to a set of hidden speakers.

The minor point of how easy it is to get up from will remain exactly that: minor.  Why would you need to remove yourself from such a comfy position?

The Ray Chaise goes on sale next year for an as-yet undisclosed price.

D.sign21 via Born Rich