Raspberry Topping Cases for your Pi from ModMyPi

modmypi raspberry topping caseYou can’t have missed the news of the sensational Raspberry Pi is now available. You know, the little puter that costs £20 and is the same size of a credit card? Well, now you can make it look pretty and add functionality thanks to ModMyPi.

The basic Raspbery Pi is as bare-bones as you can get. Just a board with a few ports.

ModMyPi is offering a range of enhancements for the new Pi computer. The main one which has caught my eye is the much needed case.

The Raspberry Topping Case is a two part case which has air vents in order to keep the Pi cool; the two-part design also allows you to mix and match your case colour schemes.

You can even order a full starter kit from ModMyPi. The kit includes SD memory cards (with bootable Linux pre-installed) and a keyboard and WiFi dongle to give Internet access out of the box.

The case costs £7.99 and the starter kit is £64.99 direct from ModMyPi.

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