Raspberry Pi 2 announced – free Windows 10 and Snappy Ubuntu Core

Raspberry Pi 2Did you ever think that a time would come when you could by a Windows PC running the latest operating system for under £25? Well, with the new Raspberry Pi 2, you can.

Microsoft is getting behind the latest Pi which has been announced today. The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s low-cost DIY computer has become a huge hit since it was released back in 2012.

The new Raspberry Pi 2 is looking to build on the original’s hard-earned fan base and comes with a more powerful processor and twice as much RAM.

While you’ve never been able to officially run copies of Windows on the Raspberry Pi without resorting to an old version or getting in to the tricks and hacks side of things, Microsoft says it’s…

delivering a version of Windows 10 that supports Raspberry Pi 2.”

This might be a special version of Windows 10, no one really knows at the moment, but Microsoft is handing it out for free to the Maker community through its Windows Developer Program for IoT later this year.

With the pricing of the Raspberry Pi 2 and Microsoft’s free copy of Windows 10, you could have a full PC for just £25 later this year.

It’s certainly going to be interesting to find out just what Windows 10 will be able to do on the Pi 2 and the company says it’s planning to reveal more “in the coming months.”

Raspberry Pi 2 angleMake it Snappy

If you’re more in to Ubuntu than Windows then the Pi 2 also has you covered as it will have the Snappy Ubuntu Core available.

Maarten Ectors, VP IoT of Canonical says that:

Snappy Ubuntu Core on Raspberry Pi 2 is the ideal foundation for developers to build Snappy Apps and share them with others via the Snapp Store. Raspberry Pi 2 will be one of the recommended platforms for Snappy Ubuntu Core,”

With Eben Upton, Founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation stating:

I am incredibly excited to have Snappy Ubuntu Core running on the Raspberry Pi 2. Ubuntu has been a key missing piece on our operating system support for the Raspberry Pi. We are looking forward to seeing what new things people are able to do with Snappy Ubuntu Core on the Raspberry Pi 2,”

So, will you be upgrading from your original Pi to the Pi 2 – if so, which flavour will you be going for: Windows or Ubuntu?

Let me know below.