Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Backpack – Yeah, REALLY!

It’s all very well and good being green and using renewable, low carbon emission, natural power – but it’s very rare that you can look cool and fashionable when doing so.

Most solar backpacks on the market just make you look like a gadgety addicted techno-freak that needs to be constantly hooked up to their geekahol.

Now, where I have nothing against looking like a gadget addict Jonesing for some sweet geekahol, I realise that’s not everyone’s desired appearance.

How about something techy and designer, say from the house of Ralph Lauren for instance?

Yeah, that’s what I thought! Let’s face it, when you say tech you don’t think Ralph Lauren – but when you check out the natty RLX Solar Panel Backpack it seems to be well kitted out.

The Ralph Lauren RLX can charge a phone in two hours via its USB port, has plenty of pockets, has a water-resistant construction and comfy shoulder straps in is available in orange and black flavours.

Granted – this is not the sun squeezing recharging station for the cost concious geek – The RLX will set you back a not inconsiderable $795.

But hey, you’re saving the planet and looking rather dandy while you do so 🙂

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