Rallee – the free Facebook Android VoIP chat app

ralleeSocial networks are great for staying in touch with friends and family. Free calls are awesome for the same reason – how about making free mobile calls via Facebook? Rallee does just that.

Rallee takes the usual Facebook messaging but makes it more personal thanks to allowing you to actually chat to your Facebook buddies via your mobile phone.

Text chat can be limiting and, sometimes, can lead to misunderstandings – even when emoticons are used.

Rallee is a free Facebook walkie-talkie app. It works with Android phones and once installed you are faced with a simple interface which enables you to have voice chats with your Facebook friends.

To talk, you simply click on the profile picture of the person you want to call, and if they’re online the call starts. You can either use the big red friendly ‘press to chat‘ button in walkie-talkie mode, or click on the mic icon to conduct a conventional two-way conversation as with Skype or a phone.

rallee android bar

There are other cool features included in the app as well, including a feature which lets you have a group chat with a bunch of friends, or find someone near to you who shares the same interests and have a word with them.

The app uses data for the calls but, according to the developers, won’t hammer your data usage.

If you’re on WiFi it will be free to chat.

If you’re an Adroid user why not grab it here for free!

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