Radio Controlled Black Widow – Not For the Timid

I know that if I was foolish enough to buy one of these that I’d wake up dead and the last thing that I would see was my girlfriend force-feeding me this gadget; not necessarily via my mouth either! 😮

But I risk all to share with you the joy of this RC Black Widow Spider.

Be warned that this may be the shortest lived RC device to come into the house as it’s life may be prematurely ended by a well-placed slipper to the head.

But just think of the shrill screams of delight fear as you make this little arachnid scurry around the family room on its eight little legs.

All it requires is six AA batteries, one 9-volt battery, £14.99 and perhaps some really good running shoes and you will surly get minutes of enjoyment from it 🙂